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Prayer Changes Things Lyrics – Deitrick Haddon

Prayer Changes Things Lyrics

Prayer, oh prayer,
prayer, it changes things.
I know that prayer,
oh prayer, it changes things,
yes, it changes things.

Verse 1:
There was a mother crying all night long
because of her daughter that ran away from home.
She said, “why should I be cryin’, when I know how to pray,
surely my God will make a way”.

When she got down on her knees and began to talk to the Lord,
she heard a knockin’, a knockin’ at her door,
and when she answered she said ” who could it be”,
it was her daughter sayin’, “Mama please forgive me”.


Verse 2:
Well the doctor said, that he wouldn’t make it through,
so he called the family in to give them the bad news.
But the family said, “no, we ain’t gonna let him go,
’cause we believe in God, we believe in miracles”.

So the family joined hands and they began to pray,
and called on the Name that’s above every name.
Just a few minutes later the doctor came runnin’ in,
he said, “I got good news, your brother is gonna live”.


Much prayer, much power,
no prayer, no power.
Get in a hurry, take it home,
you need some pray, God will deliver.

It changes things,
it changed things,
it changes things,
oh, it changes things.

It changes things,
it changed things,
it changes things,
oh, it changes things.

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