Thursday , July 25 2024

Alifted ft. House Of Joshua – Triple Blessing (A Tithes and Offering Song) Lyrics

SECTION 1 [2x] Lord I sow my seed as my currency of blessing
I sow my seed as my currency of grace
Lord I sow my seed as my currency of anointing
I sow my seed as commanded today

SECTION 2 [2x] As I dance to my blessing, holding and waving my anointing
I will drop my seed of mercy, with my singing and my dancing
As I provoke heavens with my offering , I know I will reap my triple blessing

SECTION 3 [2x] Triple blessing, Triple anointing – My Way
Divine blessing, Divine anointing – My Way
Triple Blessing, Triple anointing – Coming my Way
Triple blessing na my portion today. Amen

Triple Blessing, Triple Anointing – My way
Divine Blessing, Anointing is mine – My way
Triple Blessing, I declare it – Coming my way
Triple blessing is my portion today
Amen [x9]

I receive my favor, Receive blessing
Moving forward, Gaining new ground