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Frank Edwards – Amam ni no Ya Lyrics

Amam ni no Ya

Amam ni no ya, even when all friends are gone
Amam ni no ya, when the world seems so dark
It is You o Lord who heard my cry And wipe my tears away
Amam ni no ya (4x)
even when I needed you
Amam ni no ya, when my soul longs for
You It is You o Lord who held my hands And walked me through the nights
Amam ni no ya (3x)
Lord I can take You in all You came and show me the way
Amam ni no ya (2x)

Amam ni no ya
Amam ni no ya Yeah.
Mighty God I’m so grateful
You are a Shield and an Help above
Omema eh (2x)
Holy is Your name
Worthy is Your name
You deserve the glory and the honour
Amam ni no ya
Good God Almighty
Amam ni no ya

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