Monday , December 4 2023

Amazing Traditional Bad Breath Remedies – The Secrets Are Finally Relieved


But thanks to every traditional heritage keeper we can still benefit from it. Many of them are kept in secrecy only for noble circle and king’s family member. Some of them even are near extinction too due to lack of historians and practitioners. With the dawn of Internet age, every culture can exchange some traditional remedies and gain the advantage for everyone.

Starting from the east, the Chinese have their own way in curing bad breath. They believe bad breath is caused by unbalanced body pressure, and therefore need to be equalized with some pin at the certain points of our body, hence the west named it ‘Acupuncture’. To stop foul mouth odor they have also traditional green tea and herbs that cure sore throat and help in stomach metabolism. Its natural antiseptics clean your mouth from germs and keep your breath fresh.

Africa has its own way for bad breath remedies. Having rich in regional plants and herbs, African shamans use bitter kola as treatment to many diseases. It even has been reported used in the process of healing Ebola. The antibacterial characteristic is useful in killing unwanted germs in multiple region of the body. Extract several bitter kola nuts and brew into tea, can be used as mouth wash and aphrodisiac too. It is effective to stop bad breath and exhilarate our mind and body.

You can find many more traditional remedies in every parts of the globe. You can mention the use of parsley, sage, caraway and eucalyptus (ring a bell?). Native Americans used traditional medicine too, like bloodroot. Now we inherit their tradition with natural herbs extracted as peppermint and green tea oil. Modern remedies packaged as mouth wash and toothpaste contains some of this traditional extraction, like menthol eucalyptus and peppermint. Hopefully with the invention of more modern remedies we will not forget our traditional heritage to stop bad breath.

Source by Tito Moz

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