Wednesday , June 19 2024

Ami ft. Pita – All God No Man Lyrics

Verse 1
Every time I bless the mic, it’s so I don’t exist
It’s so that God would be seen by the great and the least
That every man would give Him Glory He deserves the gifts.
Our souls exploding in worship, our hearts provide the beat.
He’s sweet, I bring my offering like I’m a priest
Cos He defeated the beast with an intriguing twist
And I chose to die to self so that His spirit lives
Speedily quickening my flesh so God consumes my being.
In other words I decrease so Jesus would increase
So through His works in me the doubters of the cross believe.
That He was, He is, He’ll forever be
Now I can testify, declaring my redeemer lives.
I’ll keep proclaiming His goodness
He plants the seed in the fruitless
And in the storm He’s the coolest
He brings me joy to the fullest. Hahaha!
He is the Lion, He’s the Lamb, He’s the truest
The splendour of His Majesty, Marvel’s me.
Chorus (Pita)
All Glory, All power to you
Yes to you..
All Glory, All Honour to you
Yes to you…..
Verse 2
Now let our spirits unite and let Him purify
Let’s raise our hands up in worship and let us Glorify
Let’s join the angels and elders bow down to magnify
Elohim, El-elyon, Jehovah Adonai
Evil would crumble before Him
Let every human adore Him
His righteous reign would keep pouring
Connect with Him and keep soaring
He’ll take your mourning and He’ll turn it to dancing
He’s able, Disables the enemy. Solidly Stable.
He is my rock. I stand
On Him the world depends
He gat the globe in His hands
Behold His beauty,He’s Grand
Before we knew, He knows
His joy within me explodes
I can’t contain it, I’ll say it, until the world would know
Without the keys, I transpose
I breathe Him in like rose
He gets my sins exposed
And now I worship with flows
Can’t get enough of this dose
I raise my hands up in worship
Take all of me Lord and let our spirits explode
I would worship you

With all of my heart, all of my soul, all of my mind (2x)

You are worthy (4xe)
You are holy (4x)
We give you the Glory (4x)
Hallelujah (4x).
Awesome!!! You are awesome!!!