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Apoaza Lyrics – Tim Godfrey

Apoaza Lyrics

Every time I call am he answer
Even when I sick na my healer
When I’m in need na provider
When I’m in trouble na helper
Any pit wey my enemy dig for me jump am pass
Oh oh oh

Apoaza kachineke mubu

I ask am for child e give me children
I ask am for house e give me mansion
Before I dey ask na him dey answer
That is why I dey call am agidigba eh
Any pit wey my enemy dig for me
Jump am pass
Any pit wey my enemy dig for me
Jump am pass
Oh oh oh

Apo aza ka chineke mubu

Kpoya na ututo
Kpoya na Oga za
Kpoya na ehehie
Kpoya na oga za
Kpoya na abalie o
Kpoya na oga za

Akpo aza ka Chineke mu bu o

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