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Brownfield – Agape Letter Lyrics

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Brownfield – Agape Letter Lyrics

Know that I’m in love with you
You and I will form a glue
I’m in love with you(X2)
I’m in love with you yeah.

Verse 1:
At this mic, gon confess all my eyes have seen
really? Nigga no true love has kept my mind conceal thrilling
Made us his folks, fasten our hearts like seatbelts, kept us moving, took the keys from one that kept us concealed silly
can’t describe with adjectives how this love kept me feeling, now I’m lacking letters to express down my own lyrics, in this playwright he’s the all mighty Superman bringing down, subduing grounds & frustrating d strategies of d villain, Now I hear Eminem is a rap god, meet the bigger ‘g’ that murders with rap sword, man he is not only a rap God,he formed all man in his image, he’s the creator of all rap gods, revealed universe made from his mouth word, can’t define a better love than Calvary that’s all,Yeah man this love is not bought, it’s more famous than trending ‘man’s not hot’


Want u know i’m in love with you, await the day i’ll be above to chill with you, cos if I really do love, I must be willing to be pleasing you, preaching you, ain’t Wana be a dumb christian, everyday my actions killing you, just be within your boundaries n’ be feeling you, I’m drowning in your love, the world’s felt nothing till your love is dissolved, to the prevalence of the vices lately unlike those innocent&sane time of eighty’s, now everything is breaking down, love 4 God is staying bound, none is staying with d crown, uhh sometimes i do fall a victim too, the enemy will be staring,n be laffing at u and even be spitting at you but I know God’s love so merciful always pleading for you

Bridge: ohhhhhhh(X4)


Verse 3:
Love love everything needs love, we’ve been chasing for attention, affection getting snubbed like arithmetic we don’t know how it is solved, true love we can pin it on the King he deserves all the credit, without taking any penny saves the day like Mariah carey, his love got me, I’ma tell huh, it’s now my big story, Christ love deserves all the glory never minding the pains and stains feeling like I never can but Daniel pushed to the wildest den became the finest man, so his love can change perfectly in your darkest end, yeah yeah in your baddest bend, Wana say this before the music ends as for love I will rank yours to be as my first, yeah you are my thirst just watching all these romantic lovers if not for agape which other can be the best.

Know that I’m in love with you
You and I will form a glue…
Our love is better for worse
Not better for us
I’ll obey your words
I’ll live for your cross
Not minding the loss(X2)


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