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Buchi – It is well Lyrics

[1] Bible in my left hand
Microphone in na me right
Declaring the counsel of the almighty Jah
I bring you good news
Wey you cannot refuse

[Chorus] It is well 3x
In the name of Jesus
It is well with my soul today

[2] By the pool of water in Bethemeny
There lays a man of Jerusalem,
Wanting to be heal
But having no one to take him into the pool
By the staring of the water
Jesus said to the sick man rise up, take up your bed and go your way
That what I say to you, Uuh….

In the name of Jesus rise up
Take up your bed and go your way
It doesn’t matter what you see


Like the sick man that day
You can’t help yourself
There is a balm of Gilead I say
Give me your hand let me show the way,
Open your mouth, and sing the song of victory say


Like the sick man that day
You can’t help yourself listen to the voice of the
Master, Physician say


Like the widow in the bible
Whose only son died
Affliction and pains
May come but never mind
Vexation of the soul
Worries and problem
When you see these things like the shulamite woman say



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