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Chibueze – Victorious Lyrics

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Chibueze – Victorious Lyrics

We will crown you prince of peace
We will crown you king of kings
We will crown you lord of lords
You are so good (2×)
We will call you Adonai
We will call you El Shaddai
We will lift our hands to worship
Oh lord you reign(2×)

You reign victorious(3×)

Anytime I wake, I see your face
You shine like the morning star
You can never change like man would do
’cause we know the earth belongs to you
With a royal diadem
We have come to crown you king of kings
All creation rise to worship you
We bow in awe of you
Kings and queens submit to you
You are lifted higher than the clouds
Your kingdom never ends
In your glory, you will reign

Lead: In all the earth
Chorus: oh…
Lead: In all the heaven
Chorus: oh…
Lead: Oh lord you reign
Chorus: oh…
Lead: Yes you reign
Chorus: oh…
(All for 2×)

Repeat: (Choir repeat solo)

Anytime I wake…

You reign victorious(8×).


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