Monday , June 24 2024

Chris Rio Ft. SkweiRd – Irrevocable Lyrics

V1 – You’ve got me riding on your wings yea,
And I must say, this is bliss here,
You’ve shown me love that’s got me speechless,
Your love’s out of control like a reflex, (yeah)
This I can’t find in any other,
I’m blinded by your glow and in collision with your aura,
Oh you just make me wonder, (I badu you)
For everything you are and what you’ve done, I go follow you,
East to the West, North to the South,
Lord lead me every day of my life, be the map,
And I’ll just keep doing everything you say,
To make the most of life in every single way,
My decision is…

Chorus – Irrevocable x7
I said its Irrevocable x7

V2 – I see the signs, yea I know the times,
Cos your wisdom lives in me, I can see afar,
Your ways are so glorious, oh You just blow my mind,
So unbreakable is…this love inside,
You’re taking me to heights that I’ve never been,
I just blink my eyes and like wow, I’m at another scene,
Your grace and power’s making me the star that you wanna see,
And that’s what I wanna see too, cos my bread’s to do your will,
Hey my bro, can’t you see?
That Jesus Christ lives and He lives in me,
So I won’t be defined by the things you see,
But by every single word that proceeds from Him,

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Thanks to Chris Rio