Thursday , July 18 2024

Dafidi – You Are Lyrics

Verse 1
Through the trials and the pain
Through the shame and the aches
I will sing of your praise oh God
N’igba  iponju (tribulations)
N’igba  iyan (famine)
You alone will be my God
Ogo fun oruko re
Ola fun oruko re

you are /2ce
Mighty God you are

Verse 2
Yes!  I crown you king of kings
And forever I will sing your praise
You be baba, you never change
I will praise you forever more
Ogo fun oruko re
Ola fun oruko re

Repeat Chorus

you are holy
Strong and mighty
Non can compare to you
Awesome in splendor
Reigneth forever
Oba l’ori aye
I worship you

Repeat Chorus

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