Saturday , July 20 2024

Dammie – Great and Mighty Lyrics

I will tell the world of your works, oh God
Tell them how great you are
Your reign is everlasting
Your word is never failing
Ever faithful, ever sure

Almighty God, you have done great things
Incredible God, there is none like you
In all the earth /4x

Verse 2
You’re a wonder you’re my lover
You’re a mighty king
Miracle working God
You made a way where there’s no way
You put the sun in its place
Dependable all powerful you are
Rpt Chrs

Great and mighty

I will give you all the glory
Give you all the praise
You are great (great)
Great and mighty
No one compares to you
Nobody can stand beside you
You are great (great)
Great and mighty

Repeat Chorus

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