Thursday , July 25 2024

Daniel Ojo – Jesus, You are my Everything Lyrics

[CHORUS] Call/Response:
Jesus/3x You’re my Everything /2x
Jesus/3x You’re my All in All /2x
Jesus/3x You’re my Provider
Jesus/3x You’re my Helper [VERSE] Every time I look back, Thinking of you mercy on my life
Lord, am so speechless, You’ve been there for me all the while
When I call upon your name you always answer me God, You never let me down
Lord am so grateful for all you’ve done for me, God am so grateful for everything I have
I say Lord you are my everything, Lord you are my all in all
Agbanilagbatan /2x Oh You’re my All in All [CHORUS] Response: Jesus /3x You’re my everything
Call: Oh my God, You are my everything, Oh my Father, You’re my everything
Response: Jesus /3x You’re my everything
Call: Mighty man in battle, The Prince of Peace, The Lion of Judah, You are my All in all
Response: Jesus /3x You’re my All in All
Call: You are my Elshadai, You are my provider, in the morning in the evening, all the time
Response: Jesus /3x You’re my provider
Call: You’re my help in time of need, in time of trouble, my Comforter, my Helper
Response: Jesus /3x You’re my Helper

(Halleluyah, Thank You Jesus)

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Thanks to Daniel Ojo