Tuesday , May 28 2024

Dayve – Out of Nothing Lyrics

So u be thinking of things that you’ve been struggling with
Hommie Mehn that’s just a weekend
But you know that God loves the weekends not that he takes a day off but he knows just how to fix them
Now I’m trying to force my way into your playlist
Cuz I’m gospel rapping bringing truth so replay this
And I dont do this to impress you
I’m just a product of grace making songs you can relate to
Sometimes my brain dont just get it.. how he took the hate and pain and the suffering
Died, he rose again, reigns again like it’s nothing
Now im born again, have a name I can trust in
But it’s sacrifice and the way that he made it makes my heart beat slow anytime I think about
I failed in so many things I done did ma way
Now I ask you, make ma life go ya way(yahwey).

Most rappers these days be sounding funny
Like I’ll kill you and hommie I’ve got money
But while some people try to make us feel that we’re nothing
They also forget that God made everything outta nothing
The earth, the seas and the birds that’re hanging on trees
The first humans, you know I’m talking of adam and eve
And how they fell deceived by the beast up in the tree and man, God placed a curse down on human beings
But christ came, the second of the trinity
They tried to keep him locked in the box like a wedding ring
But he rose in 3days, huh lion of judah
Not stuck in his grave like mohammed or fat buddah
I’ll rather be optimistic living in faith is not what I’ll be missing
Not of this world so they calling me MISFIT, living the life that the father’ll be pleased with
I’m a rapper with a call to make a difference
like 1 placed sideways, I make a difference.

New hope, new life new sacrifice
It’s why I moved away from the line like a paragraph
Cuz now I rap about the father just like I know my dad
Now they telling me, Sell out, hommie you’ve got the talent
but christ’s paid it all, can I have some silence?
And they talking how wack christian rappers are
But come to think of it, what message are you passing sir?
And we’re sent on a mission like it’s Bauer huh
Now get it right, we bring a message from the God above.

Bad days, I suppose, too much for me to remember,
let me back up, I’m too close, now I can see the whole picture,
you make somethin out of nothin, nothin
you make somethin out of nothin, nothin

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