Monday , June 24 2024

‘Delani – Breathe On Me Lyrics

In the young and lonely night
I’ll wait on you
To create what is unknown
I’ll call for you
Breathe on me

Spirit of the living God
come stir these waters
Surface hidden treasures
Open my eyes
Breathe on me

Breathe on me
Breathe of God
Stir a longing in my soul
Breathe on me
Holy one
Come restore, come renew

Breath of God, breath of life
Resonating my soul
You restore broken wings
I will fly on winds of mercy
Breathe on me

Softly slowly
The morning breaks
Awake my soul
Surely You will
Recall my first love

Softly slowly
Your breath ignites
And I burn wild
Surely Your love
Is making all things new

Oh my very essence
Is to love you
Oh my very essence
Is creating Heaven on earth

I am replenishing life
I am resetting your system
I will lead you to still waters
I am restoring your soul

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