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DelaRhymes – The Last Days Anointing Lyrics

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DelaRhymes – The Last Days Anointing Lyrics

Acts 2:17/ Joel 2:28
Verse: In the last days shall I pour out my spirit upon all flesh
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy
And your young men shall see visions
Your old men shall dream dreams
And on my menservants and maidservants
I’ll pour out my spirit in those days
And they shall prophesy
Despite the Great Tribulation
My anointing would be mighty
Upon the face of the earth like never before
And I shall manifest myself greatly
Fear not for I’m with thee
If you believe in me
The works that I did you will also do
But greater works than I did
Because I’m with my father
I’d grant you the power to stand before kings
And cause nations to tremble and shake
Just as it was with Moses and Elijah
Also, the power to change nature
And command it to obey
The power to command mountains to move
The power to work creative miracles
All the powers that manifested
When I walked the face of the earth
And in the time of the Prophets of old shall be repeated
But this time in a much greater measure
I’m lifting up a faceless company of people
Who would perform specific tasks for me in this last days
I’d use them mightily, even children
To declare my glory in all the earth before my coming
For I’m the God who uses the foolish
Things of this world to shame the wise
And the weak things to shame the mighty
The lowly things and the things
Which are despised have I chosen
Also, the things which are not
To bring to nothing the things that are
That no flesh should glory in himself
Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard
Neither has it entered into the heart of men
What I’ve prepared for those who love me
Gird your loins and get ready for the powers of this age
Which is made manifest gradually before you
This promise is to you and your children
And to all who are afar off
As many as I will call
Let him who has ears hear what the spirit
Sayeth unto the church in these last days
Blessed is he who hears
The words of this prophecy and keeps them
Chorus 2x : My spirit is right here in this place
The last days anointing in this place
I’ll pour out my spirit on all flesh
My spirit descending in this place
Have your way holy spirit 8x
Rap: His spirit is right here in this place
The last days anointing which he spoke
Through the mouth of the prophet Joel
This anointing is basically prophetic
God is lifting up a group of faceless
Nameless and selfless generation of people
Who would work the end time harvest
With power and might
Before his second coming
To this I bear witness cos
I’ve been called to be a witness of
The gospel of the kingdom of Christ Jesus
And this is exactly what am doing
With the scriptures, no distress!!!
Unlike the gift of the holy spirit
Which is given freely to all believers
The last days anointing comes with a price
It’s all about holiness and readiness
To take up your cross and follow Jesus
Nevertheless, humility is another key
So say no to pride
Talk to Jesus now
He’s right here in this place
Anointing you for the last days
So you can prepare the way
Before that great day
Refrain: Have your way 3x
Holy Spirit have your way
Have your way
Holy Spirit Have your way
Have your way 2x


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