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Don’t Cry Lyrics – Frank Edwards ft. Nathaniel Bassey

Don’t Cry Lyrics

E don tey wey you dey cry
My brother, my Sister
5 O’clock in morning
And here you are
All alone
Brother you’ve been so worried
You don’t know what to do (oh no)
If only you will believe (oh yeah)
The sun will shine in the morning
And darkness will go away(oh yeah)

So Ada aaah! Don’t cry, Don’t cry-y-y-y
Ugochukwu-u-u-u Jehova emewo ya, Chineke emewo ya

Verse 2: Nathaniel Bassey
Wipe off your tears
Lift up your eyes
For the Glory and the lifter of your shame
Has come to take the burden off your heart

So Ada aaaaaah! Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry-y-y-y (No more)
Ugochukwu-u-u-u Jehova emewo ya, Chineke emewo ya

Verse 3: Both
Kutuaba (Ozugo)
Eyen kutuaba(Ozugo)
Kutuaba, Idara eye diku sere oh
Akuku mmawe yeri yeru weree keri oooh
Keri oooh, Jesus Keri oooh
Kutuaba (Ozugo)
Eyen kutuaba(Ozugo)
Mbo oh kutuaba

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