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Durosaro Glory – He’s Alive Lyrics

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Durosaro Glory – He’s Alive Lyrics

In the beginning
The walking voice,
Roar from an ancient womb,

It became a Word
And dwell with God,
And the word was with God.

That Word conquer the law of mortality,
Left the invisible realm
And dwell with mortal men of sin.

Men whose appetite for sin is legendary,
Men full of fleshy desires.
Ordinary mortal men with immortal values,

The word dwell with them.
And when the walking Word needed a seed,
To establish his thought.

He decided to seek for a vessel.
He couldn’t pick at random,
So He made a public announcement,

Even men of the earth were called into His courtroom.
Searching for that seed;
The heavens appear with the glory of the cloud,
Asking who will go for us?

Then a silence!
More than the dead men graves;
Even the tiniest pin could not have found honour if it fell at this hour.

Will someone please lay his life,
For the ordinary men of the earth to become extra ordinary?

A great silence roams immorality hearts in the heavens.
A silence as thick as an angry smoke.

But a lamb break forth
He broke the silence with His blood.

He was the despise Word among immoral men,
The forsaken Counselor among the wisdom of this world.

He was crying conscience,
In the heart of rebellious sons and daughters.

He was despised by the world.
The world of the mortal men…

He was crucified for our transgressions
Bruise for our iniquities…

And the chastisement of our peace was upon Him…
He was Nailed to the Cross like a dangerous dog,
He was slaughtered without any course,

He was crowned with a crown of thorns,
Men spat on Him in turns often.
He was given sore wine to drink,
Pierced by His side, tortured for the sin he didn’t commit.

And even with all this:
The love on His lips doesn’t have another word of expressions but to say,
Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

And breathed His last…
Jesus went on self-isolation in the grave for our sins.
He was unduly quarantined even though tested negative to sin.

The devil thought it was over
The devil thought he has won…
But to his greatest surprise

Christ showed up in hell
Power showed up in hell
Life showed up in hell

And He approached
He approached to collect the key of death from the devil……..

Principalities came upon Him…
Powers came upon Him
The ruler of darkness of this world came upon Him…

He threw principalities…
He destroyed powers

He overthrew rulers of darkness of this world,
He made a show of them openly, Triumphing over them.
He blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us,
He nailed it to His cross

He swallowed up death in victory
But amazingly to the shame of the devil

On the third day
Christ rose again

The Prince of peace rose again
The king of Kings rose again…

O death where is thy sting?
O grave where is the victory?

The death could not hold Him down,
The power of the grave could not withhold him…

He’s alive
Jesus the Messiah
The hope of all the world.

Hallelujah, you have won the victory
Hallelujah, you have won it all for me
Death could not hold you down
You are the risen king
Seated in majesty
You are the risen king

He’s alive (2x)
And I’m forgiven
Heaven gate are open wide


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