Wednesday , November 29 2023
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Ejiro – I Will Get There Lyrics

When I look into the world
I see my dream lane
But it’s far from me now
And it’s getting further
Many have gone through this lane
They have stories tell
Some are good and some are bad
But I’ve made up my mind
That my story will be pleasant
And pleasing to hear
Though it’s rough
I am tough
And I know I will make it

I will get there someway, someday, somehow
I will get there, I’ve made up my mind

Siting there in the morning
Right in front of the mirror
Wondering if I’ll ever make it
Cos of things happening around me
And then I heard this little voice say to me
My child, you’re going to make it
And then it dawn on me
That I am made for the top
So no matter what it takes
I am ready for this journey

I will get there someday, someway, somehow  /4x
I will get there, I’ve made up my mind

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