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El-woma – A King Is Born Lyrics

[VERSE 1] It was a still night, when we saw the stars
And the sky was filled with brightness
We were wondering what, this beauty was all about
Still the angels whispered in a loud chorus
They sang [CHORUS]

Glo, ooooo,ooooo A KING IS BORN today
Glo,ooo,oooooo A SAVIOR IS BORN
Its a fulfillment of God’s promise to man
Glory, Hosanna in the highest

[VERSE 2] Wise men from the east, saw this Special star
And so began a journey
They came and saw Him lying in a manger
And at His feet they laid their treasure
And began to cry,
They sang [REPEAT CHORUS] [BRIDGE] And His name shall be called Emmanuel, God with us
Prince of Peace, Counselor,
Redeemer and Friend
Glory to God
Glad tidings to mankind
For redemption has come today
Because of His birth and we cry [REPEAT CHORUS] [SPECIAL PART] CALL: Joy to the world
RES: Joy
CALL: Peace on earth
CALL: A Savior is born today into this earth
RES: A Savior is born today
SOLO: Glad tidings to mankind
Hark the herald angels sing

ALL: ooooooooo
ALL: Hark the herald angels singing
Glory to the new born KING
CALL: And His name shall be called
RES: Wonderful
CALL: Wonderful, Counselor
RES: Counselor
CALL: Mighty God
RES: The Mighty God
CALL: Prince of Peace
RES: Wonderful
CALL: And of  His government
RES: Counselor
CALL: There shall be no end, no end, no no no no
RES: The Mighty God

Is a fulfillment of God’s promise to man
Glory, Hosanna to God

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