Thursday , April 18 2024

Eloho Ft. Flo – You Are (My God) Lyrics

You are the porter, I’m the clay
Your love wont let me go astray
Wherever You lead, I’d follow
Wherever you choose, I’d go

In your presence, I am secure
You never leave me this I know
You are forever faithful
You are forever true

[Pre-Chorus] I’m fully persuaded, there’s none like You
On eagle’s wings, I’d soar with You

[Chorus] Your name is greater
Your love is stronger
Jesus You are, My God
Your name is greater
There is no other
Jesus You are, My God

[Bridge] Halleluyah, to the King of kings,
The Lord of lords, the great I am
Forever will I sing Yourpraise (2ice)

[Repeat Chorus]