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Emmannuelhero – Nara Ekele Lyrics

[Intro] It’s your brother hero! Emmanuel, in the praise. [VERSE 1] Joy filled my heart, as I woke up today
Your glory is all see, when I look around my life
You’ve been so so faithful. You’ve been so wonderful
Ya ka m ji asi, Nara ekele oooo
Maka iheoma ina- eme, agam achuru gi aja ekele
You are my friend, You are my king
In the heaven and the earth, there’s no one like thee
You are the king of king, You are the Lord of lords
Immortal redeemer, ancient of days
Soso gi bu chi, soso gi bu ike mo
Count all your blessings, name them one by one
You will see a reason to join me and say; Nara ekele oooo [CHORUS] Nara ekele, Nara otito, idi ebube, imela
You are mighty God, be glorified, be magnified, Imela /2x [VERSE 2] Onye mmuo na madu na- atu egwu. chukwu oma, okwere nkwa meya k’ibu,
Everlasting king. My eyes have seen the
Goodness of the Lord. My ears have heard His wonders in my life.
You made me whom I am, you beautify
My life. Take all the praise, take all the honor. For all that you’ve done,
Agam achuru gi mma mma, ya ka m ji asi, Nara ekele oooo [REPEAT CHORUS] /2x
Nara ekele,……….. [VERSE 3] Let the living praise the Lord, let the blessed praise His name.
Join your hands in praise,
Ka anyi si ya mma mma mma mma
Mma mma nara ekele . Hei! [REPEAT CHORUS] /2x…………. End

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