Thursday , April 18 2024

Emmanuelhero – Chukwudalu(Thank You God) ft Jubilee choir Lyrics

[INTRO] Is someone here ready to praise God?
Com’on let’s praise Him today
For The Lord is good & His mercies endureth forever
Are you ready to celebrate Jesus in the house?
Give Him a new song & a clap offering
Cos He’s worthy, Com’on let’s go! [Lead Chorus] Chukwu dalu, Chukwu dalu, maka ihe oma nk’imere mga asi gi mma mma (*2) Hallelujah!
(Thank you God, thank you God, for the good You’ve done I’m saying “thank you”) [Choir Repeat Chorus] [Verse 1] Someday na one day, my own done better
The thing wey you no sabi Jehovah dey do
All around me na so so love I dey see
Maka ihe oma nk’imere mga asi gi mma mma [Verse 2] In all my Life you’ve been good to me
Nobody dey do wetin you dey do for me Jehovah my love ooo
Jehovah my sweety ooo, Maka ihe oma nk’imere mga asi gi mma mma, [Choir Repeat Chorus] [Bridge] Alright! we gonna praise the Lord in another dimension
Him alone is worthy of our praise, Mma mma imela means “thanks, you’ve done so well
Now, for every breathe & peace He has giving to us, let’s say this to Him. Hallelujah! [Bass choir] Mma mma imela (*4) [All choir] Mma mma imela (*4) [Add Leads] ……Si ya mma mma ,imela (*4) for all the victory, Imela
Siya mma mma imela (*3) [Bridge] If you are a living soul I want you to praise The Lord in the House…..
If you are living soul praise the Lord, hallelujah hallelu (*4) [Bridge] Com’on! We go dey sing we go dey dance
Magnify the Lord. For He is able to produce exceedingly
Abundantly all that we deserve. Celebrate Jehovah in the house
Are we ready? Com’on…. [Add Leads] Siya mma mma imela (*2) heaven & earth adore thee
Angels bow before Your throne, You Are Lord forever
Imela onyenwem, Idi ebube chineke, We are saying Lord, we are saying Lord
With joy in our hearts, With songs in our mouth we’ve come to praise you
Hallelujah hallelujah ha-a-llelujay, I see nobody like You, Nobodody Big pass You.
You be Baba ooo! Imela eze.( Mma mma ,imela ,*4) you worthy , nobody like you….. End

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Thanks to Emmanuelhero