Emmy Kosgei – Amen Lyrics

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Emmy Kosgei – Amen Lyrics

Ahmmmm Ahmmmm ahmm amen!

Solo 1
Makiberuri karnet, agetugul nekigiyai, kogiringten
(No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper)
Igikyin Jehova ngelyepta, nekiringten eng kiruoget,
(Every tongue that rises against you in judgement He shall condemn )
Nitok baornatet tap otwogik kap Jehova… amen!
(This is the heritage of the servants of the lord amen!)
Ah amen…
Ameywei kamuiset tap bunyot ah amen .. amen!
(Don’t fear the threats of the enemy )

Amen, amen
Kagomwa Jehovah eeh ak amen! (2x)
(The lord has spoken ,it is yes and amen)
Amen amen … Ye Kagoberur Jehovah , ngo ne chubei … amen!
(The lord has blessed, who can curse )
Imi Barak kityo ama ngony, kigo kanapten Jehovah… amen magiwolei amen
(You are top only and not beneath. The Lord has lifted you. It can not be changed !) Ah amen…
Ameywei ngalalet tap bunyot ah amen .. amen!
(Do not fear the speech of the enemy)

Abotai kityo …
(I am the first only)
Aameiywei ngalalet tap bunyot
(Do not fear the words of the enemy )
Mwa ile Ami barak. ami barak.
(I say I am on top)
Mwa ile abotai.. abo tai
( say I am the first)
Ah amen amen !
Ahmmmm aahmmm

Kagomwa Jehovah eeh ak amen !!!!
(The lord has spoken it is yes and amen )


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