Wednesday , May 29 2024

EmmyDee – Toto Eledumare (Reloaded) Lyrics

Verse 1:
All was gone and I was lost
In thought and was in distress
It was like nothing is gonna work again
And the world is gonna laugh me to scorn
But You came around
You changed all things gave me a new song
You gave a new life to me and I know You really reign.

Tototo Eledumare (Iwo naa ni Baba, naa ni Baba)

Verse 2:
All the glory to the Holy One who reign in victory
Who made the new me, He changed my story
I’m a testimony, My life is a mystery
I’m a branch in His tree
You gave me a singing tongue
Sustains me with Your living word
You gave me a dancing feet

I’m assured of the golden streets
If I run to the mountain top
And I have a thousands tongue
And I sing to You millions songs
All i’ll do koleto o

Verse 3:

kabiesi Oluorun o
Awa tiwa lati wa yin o
Kabiesi Oluorun o
Awa tiwa lati wa Gbe o ga
Gbogbo Olorun toku ariwo lounpa
Awon toun sin won ara won loun se
Tototo iwo l’eledumare
Tototo iwo l’awimayehun

You turned my mourning to dancing
My sorrows You turned into joy
My problem is now testimony
Oh! Father I praise You
You know me, You made
You mould me out of dust
Your breath is worth I live with Tototo

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Thanks to EmmyDee