Tuesday , May 28 2024

Enkay – A Touch Lyrics

Lord, it’s me again
Like the prodigal child, I return to you
And I lay myself at your feet
Asking for one more chance

Verse 1
Sitting here by myself
I realize that I’ve been far away from you
Tracing my steps back wondering how
How did I get here Lord
I see that I strayed away
Trying to do things my way
But I have to get right with you

I need a touch, a touch a touch from you Lord
When your hand touches me
I’m not gonna be the same again
I need a touch

Verse 2
Certainly I know
I’m not where you designed for me to be
You gave me more but o dear Lord
I have chosen less
You’ve been calling me day and night
But I’ve paid deaf ears to your will
O Lord I’m ready empower me again

Repeat chorus

Because I know your plans for me
They are of good not evil
To manifest that which you called me to be
So change my life and make it be
Concentrated father Lord to thee
Everything within me yearns for you
Because I know the plan you have for me
They are of good and not evil
To manifest that which you called me to be

And so dear Lord
I know that my filth and guilt you’ll take away
With your blood stained hands of love
You’ll give me a second chance

Repeat chorus

One touch!

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