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Eyin Nikan Soso (Only You) Lyrics

Eyin nikan soso (Only You)
L’Olorun Agbaye (Hath the God of the whole earth)

Eyin nikan soso (Only You)
L’Olorun Ayo( Hath the God of Joy)

Eyin nikan soso (Only You)
L’Olorun Otito (Hath the true God)

Eyin nikan soso (Only You)
Mimo lehun je (HOLY is your name)

Verse 1
Father to the Fatherless
Husband to the Widow
Master Maker
Eyin nikan l’ope mi ye (You only deserve my thanks)
There is no pain
That my God cannot heal
There is no hurt
That He can not feel, Yes sir
He wiped the tears from Hannah’s face.
He changed the name of Jabez in the Bible
He touched my life and am a living wonder
Who else deserves my praise?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Father, Father, hear my cry
Guide my steps and keep warm
I love the Lord because He heard my cry
What shall I render unto you Lord?
For all the benefits you have given me, Yes sir
He took my feet from the miry clay
He set my feet on the rock to stay
Now I can sing your amazing grace
Who else deserves my praise?

Repeat Chorus

Mimo, Mimo (Holy, Holy)
Ologo didan (The One with the Radiant Glory)
Mimo Mimo (Holy, Holy)
Eleburu ike (The Awesome One )
Mimo Mimo (Holy Holy)
Atobajaye (The beginning of Creation)
Alade Ogo (The God who has the Crown Of Glory)
Aladewura (The God who has the Crown of Gold)

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