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Fayose, The PDP Sympathetic Undertaker Arrives


My family, the Igbokwe family of Uruagu Nnewi, Anambra State is one of the largest families in Igboland and Nigeria. It is made up of 19 families with each man having not less than three wives. My father had four wives with 23 surviving children. The family has become so large we now hardly recognize all Igbokwe kids. 

A few years back we had the need to elect a new chairman to run the affairs of the big family and pilot it to greatness. A decision was taken, and somebody was picked. When the news filtered into our families concerning the choice we made one elderly woman screamed to high heaven: “Is that what you men can offer us? Is there no one else you can find? Did you not ask questions? Don’t we have men any longer?” and the mama concluded: “If that this what you can find to lead the family at a time like this, then Igbokwe is finished. You have picked a blind man to lead the family. Disaster beckons!”

Few days ago PDP Governors gathered to elect the loquacious Governor, and low thinker Fayose of Ekiti State as the new chairman of the PDP Governors Forum. 

At first, I thought it was a joke, but it came out to be a reality. At once many questions hit my head: how can a blind man lead a blind man? How can the crippled be the last man standing for PDP? How can you use shoes for a hammer? How can a car move forward when the gear is on the reverse? How can a man who does not know that 4+4 is 8 be a professor of mathematics? Can iron turn to gold? Can a goat give birth to a lion? Can you give what you do not have? Can someone jump from Ikoyi to Victoria Island across the Lagoon? Can a carpenter become a pilot overnight? Can one hand cover the sun? Can wood sharpen iron? Can a car move without tyres or engine? 

Now, do you know what? I suddenly realized that there is no man in the house of PDP to think properly again. There is no wise man left in the house to encourage PDP to live. I shed hot tears that after 16years in power with all its resources, with all the governors they paraded and still parade today, and with all their connections and deed pocket, Fayose is the only person they can pick to lead the PDP’s Governors forum. I concluded that PDP has lost everything. PDP has entered the bottomless pit and reached the point of no return. PDP dies!

How can a liar from the pit of hell heal PDP? Fayose lied against Buhari and others. Fayose did not win the Governorship election in Ekiti State. Fayose lies about everything. He speaks before he thinks. Fayose lacks common sense, simple elementary knowledge of diplomacy and training in social graces. Fayose was involved in the Dasuki Armsgate scandal. Government business for Fayose is on the roadsides, markets, mechanic workshops, food canteens, Okada parks, so long as there are TV stations and photographers to record the shows.

The truth is that I know that PDP will go down but what I did not know is that it is going to be too soon. I know that PDP will be desolate, decimated, and desecrated in Nigeria but I did not know that it is going to be soon. I have known that the looters, the plunders, the scavengers and the unconscionable thieves in PDP will go down, but I did not know it is going to be too soon. Ah, ah, the final undertaker, Fayose is here, and hope is lost for PDP.

Fayose is a roaring lion that kills no game. I am told that a State or Country dies when you elect an incompetent person to occupy an important position. George Bush tells me that the loudest person in the room is not always the strongest. 

Now, who removed PDP’s thinking cap? Who stole their brains?  Who did this to PDP? Who bewitched PDP? 
Now, who will rescue PDP? Nobody. Who will help PDP to stand? None. Can PDP rise again? No, not when Fayose is the pilot. Case Rested!
Joe Igbokwe



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