Wednesday , April 24 2024

Femi Felix – Jesus I Love You Lyrics

Jesus I just want to bless you
Thank you for taking me this far
You are my light, my peace, my joy without you I’m nobody.

I just want to say
Jesus I love you
I just want to say
I can’t do without you
I just want to say
Jesus I need you
I just want to say
I’m nobody without you

Solo 1
You are the joy of my salvation
You are my life and my strength
Your loving arms always protect me
What could I have done without you in my life

Solo 2
It is by your grace that I’m still standing
I survived every pains every problems
You are the peace of the storms I passed through
I lift up my hands to give you praise

(Repeat Chorus)

Vocal:- You are my life
Resp:- My life
Vocal:- You are my hope
Resp:- My hope
Vocal:- You are my peace
Resp:- My peace Jesus
Vocal:- You are my strength
Resp:- My strength
Vocal:- You are my shield
Resp:- My shield
Vocal:- You are my help
Resp:- My help Jesus

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