Tuesday , July 16 2024

Femi Flame – Adanimagbagbe Eni Lyrics

Intro: Just wanna let you know that Oun l’Oba adani magbagbe eni

Orun si for many many blessings
I have a joy, the reason why I sing
He has been tested, trusted and approved
I go vote am for president, He no dey lie
He’s able to carry all the burden of gbogb’araye

[Chorus] If he could feed all the fishes in the sea
Oun l’Oba adanimagbagbe eni
Baba mi le paro, Mama mi gbe’ro
Oun l’Oba adanimagbagbe eni
He will never fail me no no no ooo [Slur] (Oun,Jesu) l’Oba adanimagbagbe ni /2x

Iye Iye Iye Oh Oh Oh
This I’m young but I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken
The King of heaven I serve, He designs my life’s …
Aya mi o ja yen, He’s set to complete and finish the work He has started
I believe Him You can trust Him
I’m a living proof, You can trust Him too
Yes He no dey lie, He no dey lie

He did it for Hannah, He did it for Sarah
Yours won’t be exceptional, You are fixed in His heart
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
He no dey sleep, He no dey fail He no dey give up, He no dey change
He remains the same, You go smile again

[Chorus] He will never fail …. / Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
(Oun, Jesu) l’Oba adanimagbagbe eni

Download here:  Adanimagbagbe eni