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FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator Price In Nigeria, Specification And Review

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Check out the FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator price in Nigeria. Buy the latest FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator at a fair price and pay on delivery. Read the full FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator specification and reviews on Jumia.

Buy FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator

Buy FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator on JumiaBUY ON JUMIA

 FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator Description

The FG Wilson Diesel Generator is second to none when it comes to providing excellent quality electrical power for home use, hotels, industries or communities. This diesel generator provides quality electrical power with superior after sales support from our dedicated team of professional engineers to help you install and manage your diesel generator. It is also an environmentally friendly generator which provides power without damaging your environment. The power range is simply magnificent and wonderful . It provides this great power supply using the critical engine components of the Perkins engine superiority. It is reliable, durable, dependable and a super silent generator set because it comes with sound proof covering to give you that rest and peace of mind. With this magnificent piece of equipment, you are free to use all your household and industrial equipment including freezers, pressing iron, water pumping machine, micro wave oven and heavy duty equipment in industries, companies or hotels. It can also comfortably power your estate, neighbourhood or community. We give you comprehensive warranty cover of up to 2 years standard. Our team of engineers will transport and also install this generator for you where ever you want In Nigeria or Africa and they will also teach you how to use and operate it easily. We have a team ready to offer you all the support you will ever need for this powerful piece of equipment ensuring that you do not know anything like power outage anymore. Buying from us now will ensure that you get free transportation, delivery and installation. Buying FG Wilson generator will guarantee peace and rest of mind to you or your organisation.

 FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator Key Features

  • Water Walker International provides a range from 8.5kVA to 2500kVA FG Wilson Diesel or Gas generators with Sound-Proof enclosures, 24/7 Maintenance packages and a distribution network for spare-parts to suit any specifications you may require.

  • Our diesel generators are very fuel or diesel efficient as they do not use so much diesel to power up.

  • Also very cheap for the kind of effective automatic power it provides.

  • Efficient after sales team to help you install and service the generator regularly

  • Very powerful and enduring engine output, rated power, maximum power and rated output frequency.

  • Designed for the African weather, hence it lasts for donkey years here in the tropics.

  • It is environmentally friendly and does not deplete the ozone layer
  • Power of one with all critical components made by Perkins
  • Lowest operating cost
  • Super silent generating diesel sets
  • Comprehensive warranty cover of 2 years standard with extended warranty options available
  • State of the art technology with ISO,BSS14,DIN standard and compliance

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Buy FG Wilson Diesel Engine Generator on JumiaBUY ON JUMIA

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