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Flo – Ope Loye O Lyrics

[Chorus] Ope loye O Baba Olore (You deserve the thanks Benevolent Father)
Eyin ma l’Olorun Oba (You are God & King)
Iyin loye O Baba Olore (You deserve the praise Benevolent Father)

[1] Response: Yes sir
You are my Rock, my shield and shelter
I call You Lord, Father and Master
With You by my side nothing else can matter
I call You (Oluwa, Atobiju)
You are the reason for the sun in the sky,
Atobajaye, gbongbo Idile Jesse (Root of Jesse)
First Born of the most High God,
The Alpha, The Omega
Lift your voice and praise Him

[Chorus] Ope loye o Baba Olore He deserves the (praise, glory, honour)
Eyin ma lolorun Oba Eleruniyin Oba nla
Iyin loye O Baba Olore You only will I serve titi lailai titi lailai

[2] Response: only You
Who can bring me restoration
Who can give me the Wealth of nation
Who can turn my sorrow into dancing
Only You, say only You
Tell me who can make the blind man see
Tell me who can open the red sea
Tell me who can bear the name Jehovah, Tsikenu, Elianah
[Chorus] /x2
I’m alive because of You, Eh, where will I be without You Lord?
Response: Emi ni Emi ni
Call: Eyin Loba tin je emi ni o / Mimo mimo mimo Oluorun o / Mo joba lo, kabiesi mo joba lo / Mo juba re Oluorun / Kabiosi o laye at’orun o / Oba nla ti eda kan o le ba ja / Tani to O lagbara, tani to O ni imo / Laye at’orun ko ma si, ko ma si rara