Sunday , April 14 2024

Florocka – Lion and the Lamb Lyrics

[VERSE] There is no other covering like the blood of Jesus, the blood of the lamb;
He is worthy to receive all glory, worthy to receive all honour;
We will worship at Your feet God, We will bow before Your throne Lord
We will testify for we have seen Your glory; [CHORUS] You will be crowned king of Kings and Lord of lords
You will reign now you shall reign forever more;
You are victorious, more than a conqueror, there is none like You;
You are the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega righteous, marvelous, glorious, incredible;
You are victorious, more than a conqueror, that is who You are /2ce [REPEAT FROM START] [BRIDGE] The whole of creation will bow and testify that you are king of kings and Lord of lords;
The sun, the moon, the skies, the mountains and the seas will roar at the sound of your name, creator of the heavens and the earth
Call: We crown you now
Response: Lord of lords
Call: We lift You up
Response: King of creation
Call: You are the Lion of the tribe of Judah
Response: Lion of the tribe of Judah
Call: You are the king of creation
Response: King of creation /3x

Thanks to Vicklasik for transcribing