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Forever in my Heart Lyrics – Lara George

Forever in my Heart Lyrics

When two become as one
The bond is there to stay
Then think of when that bond joins more
It blows away
The mind that can conceive
The truth and will believe
The power of the One

Our lives are joined by more
Than just a fantasy
Believe me when
I say to you its destiny
Would make our lives entwine
Cause us to rise and shine
Alive in this our time

I love you more than mere words could tell
Your name will always ring a bell
Of good times that we shared
And the moments we bled
And even if the world were to end
You know I’ll always be there-a friend
And should we ever part
You’ll be forever in my heart

And though the storms of life
May come to make us sway
May love be found inside our hearts
As we obey
For this is what we owe
You’ll be as always so
Forever in my heart


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