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Getting to Muno, singer signed under Paul Psquare’s label – Buzz


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There are few acts in the Nigerian music industry doing it better than Muno in the R&B department.

The artist who goes by full name Oviemuno Oriero is the first act signed under Paul Okoye’s (half of Psquare) Rudeboy Records.

Stumbling on music production in the university while studying an entirely unrelated course in Building Technology, Muno went on to develop his knack for music. Having released a couple of songs in 2016, the singer’s talent is a promising one.

Get to know more of Muno and what makes him tick in this interview with Pulse.

A little background about yourself?

My name is Oviemuno Oriero also known as Muno, I started singing at the tender age of four and have been in three different music groups since then.




I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I studied Building Technology at Covenant University, Ota. During my time in the University, I stumbled on music production and added the skill to improve my career in 2009, this was around the time I joined Mudina’s camp. Subsequently, I produced for many artists including Tunde Ednut’s ‘Catching cold’, Jahborne’s ‘Plenty money’ and ‘Blackberry’ singles.

I have worked with artists like Skales, Korede Bello, Ric Hassani, Gabriel Afolayan and many more.


Do you have a formal or informal music education?

No I don’t have a formal music education.


How did you get discovered by Paul of Psquare?

Hahaha really long story. Cut short, Paul discovered me through one of his staff named Stanley who I intended to work with at the time early December 2016.

Muno and Paul Okoyeplay

Muno and Paul Okoye

(Square Images)


Paul mt me as an uninvited guest in Square Ville where I came for a meeting with Stanley. We were playing some of my songs, which he heard and got hooked. That was the official birth of RudeboyRecords.

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How would you gauge the reception by Nigerian music listeners of your singles released so far?

Well to be honest, Nigerian listeners are always skeptical about new sounds until you have been able to convince them on what you’re bringing to the table.

I would say they are slowly catching up to my sound because most of them are lovers of the indigenous sound that we all grew up with… I would say I get more attention from outside Nigeria than I do here.

I grew up listening to artists like Boys II Men, Usher, Mario, Brandy etc. My sound is a mixture of something I can call “Home and Away” so yeah Nigerians know it’s a good sound and are slowly but surely warming up to it.

Muno has been signed to Square Records.play

Muno has been signed to Square Records.



You have two songs bothering on breakup in a relationship – ‘Never regret’ and ‘Separate ways’. Did those come from personal experiences?

Well I’ve been through relationship crisis a few times but none inspired any of the songs ‘Never regret’ and ‘Separate ways’. What goes around comes around one way or the other and I was able to interpret some happenings around me through the inspiration of the moment.


What is the one thing about the music industry you would like to see get improved upon?

What I would love to see improve in the Nigerian music industry is majorly in the marketing and distribution of materials, the security of royalties entitled to the artist and management or label and also the acceptance of other genres.



(Rudeboy Records)


Which do you enjoy recording more? R&B or pop songs?

I consider myself a versatile artist because I love to explore different sounds and genres but I connect to and express myself better on R&B songs.


What kind of songs do you enjoy listening to?

I listen to any type of song that catches my attention or sounds good because I grew up appreciating all sounds.

Muno and Paul Okoyeplay

Muno and Paul Okoye

(Square Image)


Are you currently working on any project?

Definitely yes … a shocker that will disturb the peace of the nation…lol

I also have a couple of collaborations with some of the trending “A-List” artists but not letting the cat out of the bag just yet.


At what point would you look back and say you are fulfilled as an artist?

The renowned Grammy awards have always stood out for me and been an inspiration to my music career as it is recorded to be one of, if not the highest level of recognition as a musician. The recognition the awards bring is something to strive for. Dream big.

Watch ‘Cool down’ by Muno below.



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