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Give An Acceptable Offering


(#1 Daily Devotional Tract by Dr. Isaiah & Lianna Wealth)

🗓 Wednesday, 21st June, 2017.

(Mark 12:42)
“And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much.”

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Our scriptural text today talks about Jesus observing ‘how’ the people gave their offerings; not just how much they gave, revealing that how we give to God matters. After all, offerings cannot be forced on God. That means when we give, God may either receive them or not. This is why it is important how to give acceptable offerings.

In the first place, what is given to God ought to be offered willingly out of a grateful, cheerful heart (2Cor. 9:7). Also, the substance to be offered to God ought to be wrapped or offered with praise and thanksgiving. (2Chron. 32:2). It is also an art of honour to give to God from your first and best stock (Prov. 3:9) rather than offering to Him from leftovers. A man who does these things offers an acceptable offering to the Lord, and thus attracts His blessings. Halleluyah!

So what do you have in your hand as an offering to God today? Offer it according to God’s prescription and by so doing you would secure His blessings and prosper thereby. Halleluyah!
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(Say Amen to these):
🔸Receive wisdom to offer God an acceptable offering in Jesus name.
🔸As you step out today, may the boldness to talk about Jesus rest on you in Jesus name.

🔸DO THIS: Always prepare to give to God by first selecting what is best amongst others, wrapping it with praise and offering it with a cheerful heart.
🔸SAY: I decree and I declare that I find favor before all men today.

2 SAMUEL 19&20,2 PETER 2, PSALMS 2

Let’s pray for Niger 🇳🇪…

Over 97% of its population are Muslims. 76% are unreached with the Gospel. Poverty and illiteracy are severe limitations and the enforcement of sharia law threatens the preaching and prevalence of the Gospel.

🙏🏼We are praying for an outpour of God’s spirit upon the land that many will encounter the Lord.

Dear Father, help me to offer you offerings that bring glory to your name, help me to honour you with my substance in Jesus name.

Dear Father, I thank you for your love towards me and for making available to me all things that pertains to this life and godliness. Because you are a good God, you have prepared a great future for me and given me your Holy Spirit to guide and teach me to excel in all I do. So, I yield my body, soul and spirit wholly to you this day; order my steps oh Lord and have your way in me in Jesus Name. Amen

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