Sunday , April 14 2024

God is Good Lyrics

Verse 1
No be my mama, definitely not my Papa
I dey try but no be me fine pass
I go school I no make first class
Ask no be by muscle, I work hard but no be by hustle
And no be strength, strength can crumble
I get friends but friends can fumble

Nah God be my uncle
He dey my front, nah him be my backup
And no be man, ’cause man can pack up
Nah Grace ooo
Nah him be my chairman
Nah him be why I no dey fear man
Nah why I say make I share my testimony

God is good, God is good
God is good, God is good
God is good, God is good to me

I thank God, I thank God
I thank God ooo, I thank God

Verse 2
I first to dey suffer
But he brought me out of the gutter
Ajepako turned me to butter
Me nobody turned into Oga
He no dey forsake me, he no dey fail
He no dey frustrate me
He dey my side and nothing can shake me
And nah my rock so nothing can break me
Nah him be my father
On top him head he carry my matter
And when I call he always dey answer
My God ooooo
See as he bless me, I wan give up but God no let me
Everybody please truly hear this testimony

Repeat Chorus

The Lord is my shepherd
Nah him be my shepherd

Repeat Chorus

I first to dey suffer
My bread don butter
He took me from nothing
And turn me to something
Man can fail me
Money can fail me
Hustle can fail me
But God no dey fail

They say make I dey there
Dem say I go fail
But God don say yes
Nobody can say no

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