Friday , September 29 2023
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God Over Everything Lyrics

Look at me, look at you
Look at the whole world, look at us
God did it, he did it
He’s still the oldest, he over all of us
God over everything, everybody know

Na na na na na na nah
With our God am feeling blessed
just because of what you just did
For me
Lover of my soul

Throw your hands in the air
Do it right now
God over everything
(God over everything God over everything)
God over everything
(God over everything God over everything)

So shout out to everyone
Who believe in Jesus
You know what’s up
You know what’s up, You know
Egwe, Oba chinekemo
I’ll sing your praise…
I’ll sing it to the end of time
I’ll live my life for you
Till the whole world talk say this boy don Kolo
It’s all about you, you know i love you
Can’t do without you, Oh no
It’s not about money
It’s not about fame
It’s all about God who took away the shame

Repeat Chorus

I can never go low cause am lifted
Gates, they’ll be shifted
Yeah they can’t see me tinted
Yeah, God over everything

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