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Heybee Guitar – Ebube Lyrics

[INTRO] Lord I give You glory
I give You honour for what You’ve done today in my life
LORD I glorify You, I say….

[CHORUS] Ebube o Chineke o
Ebube okaka o/Eseun o

[VERSE 1] Mo nlo, mo nbo, kewe kewe koma ko mi lo, lenu ise mi mori ise re lori aye mi o,
Ese Baba, nigba isoro de o, O gba mila, O bukunmi nigba aini mi, O gbemiga laarin ota ah ah
O mu wa laye yi o, Eseun o, Opomulero o ayemi, opomulero o ilemi, ese o, oh /8ce, Eseun o oba to da
Eh eh ebube

[REPEAT CHORUS] [VERSE 2]Response: Mowa wipe ese /2ce
Call: Everyday, Iwake up, Get on my knees and give Him praise
King of kings, Lord of lords, days to days, You’ll never change
You heal the sick, strengthen the weak, Jehovah You shine to blink
You save my soul make me whole that’s why I sing my song to you eh….
Call: Oh hu ese o / Ese o Oluwa / Ese Baba / Hmm hmm hmm / Ese oh / Ese Oluwa / Ese o Baba / Ese o Omo / Emi mimo ese / Oh oh oh
Response: Ese o

[REPEAT CHORUS] [VERSE 3]Response: Eseun o (Thank You)
Call: Asoromatase / Oyigiyigi, Arugbo ojo o
You are the first and the last, You can never change
Adagba ma paroye o, Iwo ni o
Lord I bless your name, Lord I lift You high
You are the pillar of my life, Iwo ni o
Apata aye raye, se ibi sadi mi
Chineke idinma, oweron yedikagi
King of kings, Lord of lords, Greater mighty one
Adagbamategba, Iwo ni magbegbega
Titi ayemi ma sin o lailai
Alewilese, Aleselewi O
Oyiyigiyigi oba to ba jaye
You lifted me above my enemies
Ebube, ebu iye ebu iye chineke
Ese o /2ce, Chineke eh

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