Wednesday , April 24 2024

I Will Wait Lyrics

Chapter 1
Before my father met my mother
Fell in love with each other
You have ordained my purpose
Some will look and call it mistake
What you sat down to orchestrate
Of they knew that you were this great
They would have let you have your way
So I choose your formula
And the whole world can have a laugh
Cos I know it’s not popular
To wait on you.

I will wait (3ce)
On you.

Enimonuro (The one who thinks deep enough)
Adurode o ( will choose to wait on you )
Enimonuro  ( The one who thinks deep enough )
Aforo lo o (Will seek your counsel)
Cos life is in phases
With traps all over the places
And there’s no one to run to but you
So here’s my decision
As I go on this mission
You the God of all creation
You remain my passion

Repeat chorus

When noon day turns to midnight
And flowers fail to bloom
When men withdraw approval
I will wait

Repeat chorus

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