Tuesday , February 27 2024

Ify – You Lift Me Higher Lyrics

If I’m low, weak and frightened
In the night, Lord keep me strong
If I fall, help me find the –
Strength to rise and go on my course

Give me joy, give me strength
You put a smile on my face
And hope will never end
You take me higher like I’m swimming in the stars
You make the sunshine brighter
You take me higher than the clouds
Place your wings beneath my feet
You lift me from the ground
You lift me up – so much higher
You lift me up – so high.

In the midst of the storms, I know you’re with me
To keep me safe from the enemy claws(?)
Thou You shed your light on your narrow path
Bring(?) aside and lead the way


My life, my all is what I have to give
You’re the planter(?), you’re my soul desire