Tuesday , July 16 2024

Jaymikee – Free (Haunted Movie Soundtrack) Lyrics

Verse 1
I was running away from the truth
Because they say that the truth isn’t sweet
I was living a lie in the dark
Because I was afraid of what my eyes could see
You see until that fateful day
When the power took over me
And it opened up my eyes
now I’m a different entity
you see there’s no more running
and there is no more hiding
because those days are gone

Allow me to introduce myself
I’m not the one you used to know
I am a brand new man, I am a brand new man
Look at me from head to toe
And see the power that is shining
From the inside out, from the inside out
I am sanctified, I am purified,
And He is glorified, by His hand of salvation
I am justified, and I am in the light
Just to testify, I am Free

Verse 2
You can never comprehend the thought
How I was taken from the darkness into light
You can never comprehend the feeling
How I was wondering around and I was found
That’s why I’m never going back
Instead, I’m moving forward,
Because the yolk is broken
And the chains are destroyed
Because I am on fire,
And I’m burning on high
that old me is no more

I am free (X12)
If you believe you can raise your voice and sing it…
I’m saying goodbye to the man I was before
I am free…