Thursday , July 18 2024

JayMikee – Telephone to Heaven Lyrics

[I can telephone to Heaven
I can telephone]x4
(I can call Heaven, I can call)
Hello Eledumare x2
(Hello The-God-Who-Knows-All-Things)
How are you o, eyin ogun orun x2
(How are you, oh heavenly hosts)
Verse 1
Anytime of the day
Dem go see me talking to my Father
(They’ll see me talking to my Father)
In any situation there’s no limitation
I do not need to bother
Even when tribulations come
Dem go wander why I dey form
(They wonder why I am alright)
Dem no know say I get heavenly number
(They don’t know I have the heavenly number)
Of my Oga at the top
(Of my boss up above)
No be by MTN
(It is not through MTN)
No be by Globacom
(It is not through Globacom)
No be by Etisalat, Vodaphone or Visacome
(It is not through Etisalat, Vodaphone or Visacome)
Na the name of Jesus I dey talk eh
(I am talking about the name of Jesus)
When I give him a call I will say
Verse 2
No be say dem say
(This is not hearsay)
I go tell you wetin I sabi
(I’ll tell you what I’m sure of)
Na Jehovah Shammah
(It is Jehovah Shammah)
The Lion of Judah
He’s eternally my padi
(He’s eternally my friend)
From the very day I surrendered
My totality on the altar
He give me His number
(He gave me His number)
He say make I holla
(So I can call on him)
In any day any hour
Oluwa mo ma dupe fun oreofe
(Lord I’m thankful for the grace)
Aanu nla ni mo rigba pe mo le pe e
(The great grace that I have to call on you)
Nigba gbogbo, laaro ati ale
(Everytime, morning and night)
Ni ma a maa teyin laago lati so wipe
(I’ll call you just to say)
I can telephone to Heaven with my singing
(I can call Heaven with my singing)
I can telephone to Heaven with my dancing
I can telephone to Heaven with my clapping
I can telephone to Heaven with my shouting
Personal person eh {He’s my personal person}
Jesus is my personal person eh
He’s my personal person
Oyigiyigi is my personal person
(The Wondrous One is mine)