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Star Help – Make 100 Percent Every 30 Days

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[ad_1] Join Star Help Register Login StarHelp.net Make Money Online. StarHelp is another lovely mutual aid community that we recommend. According to our whois look up, Star Help probably started on 31st October, 2016.

In Star Help community, you make 100 percent of your donated bitcoin in 30 days. Let us quickly highlight some key features of Star Help Community.

Star Help [starhelp.net] Terms and Conditions

  • Star Help Community is a global community of mutual financial help.
  • All Provide Help and Get Help requests are made in US Dollar (USD) currency.
  • Bitcoin digital currency is used to make payments between participants worldwide
  • Each participant may register only one account ID. This is a not an investment afterall.
  • No fake participants: You will be required to verify your email address after registration.
  • Primary 20% Link of your Provide Help amount is generated within 24 hours after you make Provide Help request.
    • Primary 20% Link: is used to further confirm that you are a real person who is really interested in participating in StarHelp Community program.
    • If you do not pay your 20% Primary Link, your Provide Help request will be deleted. In this case, you will have to make new Provide Help request in your back office.
    • This way we guarantee no fake Provide Help requests and no fake participants in the system.
      Primary 20% Link: these funds will be used to pay rejected links or failed links.
  • The remaining 80% Link will be generated after 15 to 25 days, according to demand.
    • Remaining 80% Link: unpaid PH orders will result in your PH amount being reduce by corresponding unpaid amount
    • Once reduced, participant will lose interest by reduced amount.
  • Interest is calculated on your Provide Help amount and added to your balance daily.
  • There is a 15 days freeze/lock period before you can be able to make withdrawal requests.
  • Internal Bitcoin Wallet: Each participant is provided with Internal Bitcoin wallet to which you must transfer funds.
    • How to Pay: Send bitcoins to your Internal Bitcoin Wallet Address
    • The system will automatically make payments to your recipients using funds once it is available in your Internal Wallet
    • How do I get Paid: Money received from other participants for your Get Help will be paid into your Internal Wallet
  • NO FAKE PAYMENTS: No fake slips, no fake payments. No harrassment by bad participants.
  • AUTOMATED PAYMENT EXECUTION: No hassle with proof slips and participants who are not paying.
  • AUTOMATED RECOMMITMENT EXECUTION: The system will automatically execute recommitment on your behalf using the funds after your Get Help links have been paid into your Internal Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Rejected Links: will be reallocated to another link as soon as possible on high priority without any delays – subject to liquidity.
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Star Help Community Features

Provide Help / Get Help Plan

  • Uses Bitcoin – the global digital currency
  • 100% Growth over 30 calendar days
  • 10% Referral bonus from direct participants
  • 5% Speed bonus (pay within 24 hours)
  • PH/GH Limits: Min: $20/40, Max: $1,000
  • GH Limit: Only 1 GH request at a time
  • Get Help Requests allocated without delay *
  • * Subject to availability of PH Requests in the system

Internal Bitcoin Wallet

  • Full Bitcoin Blockchain Integration
  • Automated Payment Execution
  • Automated Payment Confirmation
  • Automated 100% Recommitment
  • No fake and no short payments
  • No need to attach payment slip
  • Easily access funds anytime, anywhere *
  • * Link your personal Withdrawal BTC Address

Safety And Convenience

  • Secure HTTPS and DDoS Protection
  • CAPTCHA protected registration and login
  • Withdrawal BTC Address cannot be changed
  • All Participant Accounts are verified
  • Email notifications for all transactions
  • No harrassment from unruly participants
  • No blocking of participant accounts *
  • * Unpaid PH requests are cancelled with notification
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Provide Help and Get Help Process

Providing Help

Participants in StarHelp Community choose to Provide Help to other participants with their spare money. In return, participants receive interest which is accumulated on the amount they have pledged to provide as assistance to other participants.


The growth rate is 100% per month. This means that your money grows at 3.33% per day. The growth is calculated daily from the day that you make the provide help request for 30 days. After 30 days your money will stop growing.
Provide Help Limits: Minimum: $20.00 Maximum: $1,000.00

Receiving Help

Once the participant has provided help to another participant, then the peraticipant will be able to request to Get Help equal to the amount of help that they themselves provided, plus accumulated interest. Available amounts are shown on dashboard.

Withdrawal Orders

Once a Get Help request has been made, the system will then match you with another participant who is ready to provide help. The payment system is fully automatic. The are NO FAKE participants, and there are NO FAKE payments.

Get Help Limits: Minimum: $40.00 Maximum: $1,000.00

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StarHelp Community participants qualify for referral bonus on all Provide Help requests made by their direct referrals.

Referral bonus percentage: 10%

StarHelp Community participants qualify for speed bonus when they pay their Provide Help orders within 24 hours.

Speed bonus percentage: 5%

StarHelp Community Representatives get paid performance based incentive bonuses. Performance of Representatives is monitored regularly. Representatives who are not providing support to their teams, may lose their status anytime. Remuneration is as follows:
Level 1: 10.00 %
Level 2: 3.00 %
Level 3: 2.00 %
Level 4: 1.50 %
Level 5: 1.00 %
This table is effective as of 11 December 2016

There is no manager/guider bonuses. StarHelp Community believes that such bonuses only benefit a few people or even those who are not helping our participants.

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