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KBell – Shine Lyrics

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KBell – Shine Lyrics

It’s been a long road
Life is too short
oh, it’s too tough
But I’ve got to achieve
This noise keep weighing me down
Telling me that I can’t
This gravity pull is so intense

A dream is a dream,
Never allowed to die no matter what!
Ignore noise that flows around
Listen to the voice
That motivate you to achieve the impossible
So palatable
N’ exciting is a dream that’s achieved
A winner, a conqueror
That’s who you are

From miles away we’ve come
Adventure ahead we press on
We all wear a mask
In disguise to the truth
Can’t escape
If you try to

You can own who you are
Ignore what they say
Love what you do
Making it a spectacle
Easy to be gazed at
I tell you
You can achieve

The Time is now
Oh Oh Oh
Hey you

Shine shine
Your light has been made
Shine shine
Time to break the limit
Shine shine
Spread your wing now its shine

I heard them too
Calling you a wanna be
B’Cos of what you wanna be
Little did they know?
Everyone of value today
Were once a wanna be
So what is gonna be

I say keep your dream alive
And catch a ray of hope
Dreamers are lonely
Fear is a prison
Dream might break you
Don’t let it mar you
Let it make you
B’Cos you are not alone

Preparation time is almost over
Fulfilment time
Is here at last
Keep your head up high
Do not fret
Keep your dream alive

Stop gazing at the storming weather
If it can’t kill you
It makes you stronger

Your strength lies deep within
No matter what life brings your way
Never bow to defeat
Allow nothing
To break your spirit

The Time is now

Shine shine
Your light has been made
Shine shine
Time to break the limit
Shine shine
Spread your wings now
It’s time to shine

You can make it if you try
You can take it if you reach out
Give it all you’ve got
Even If that is all it takes

Carry your candle now
Run through the darkness
Go light the world
Ignite your world


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