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Keep Your Appointments With God

Keep Your Appointments With God

(#1 Daily Devotional Tract by Dr. Isaiah & Lianna Wealth)

📆 Saturday, 15th July, 2017.

_(Matthew 28:16)
“ Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them”

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Fellowship was created by God to help us achieve oneness with Him. It is a tool for developing our spirit and the only way to take up the image of God (2Cor. 3:18). But beyond spending random and undefined time with God, there is more power in meeting and fellowshipping with Him in a predefined place and within a specified time period. This discipline is called devotion.

Devotion helps us to take our fellowship with God to the covenant level, and we see throughout scriptures that God is always committed to covenants. This involves deciding upon a specific place, time (or time period) that you would be in His Presence each day. This practice makes you more deliberate and focused in seeking Him, and proves your maturity and hunger for more of His grace.

As you learn to appear before the Lord to worship Him, meditate on His Word, or spend time in prayer every day as a matter of devotion you would attract more of God’s grace upon your life, because He is committed to meet you daily through encounters that will transform your life forever. Halleluyah!
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(Say Amen to these):
🔸Receive grace to daily appear before the Lord at the scheduled time in Jesus name.
🔸As you step out today, may your path shine brighter and brighter onto a perfect day in Jesus name.

🎯DO THIS: Set a time to meet with God daily and set alarms where necessary. Also ask the Holy Spirit to help you wake up at specified times each and every day.
🎯SAY: I decree and I declare that sin has no place in me.

2 KING 21&22,

Let’s pray for Oman🇴🇲…

The Largest Religion is Islam with over 74% of its population as unreached with the Gospel. The entire Muslim majority remains a big challenge. The few that have come to Christ face huge pressure to return to Islam. There are no known churches in majority of the areas in the nation.

🙏🏼We are praying that the laws of the nation will favor the Gospel of Christ.

Dear Lord, help me to make a practice of meeting with you at a predefined place and time daily in Jesus name

Dear Father,
I thank you for your great love towards me, and the privile­ge to be called your son. I declare my love for you today and surrender to your will. Bring me into the ful­lness of your grace this day even as I fellowship with your Son through th­e Word and your Spir­it. I consecrate my whole body, soul and spirit to you right now. Let your will be done in my life today in Jesus Name. Amen.


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