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Verse 1
Once upon a time
when life seem so hard
every time I cry so loud
but it seem my voice have fail
all my friends have fail
I don’t know what to do and whom to call
but down along the road
you call me by my namme
hold me by my hand
not to fall
and you turn my life around
and you give my live a meaning
give me a new song
now I can sing…

Abasi amanam Ayaiya o
Ayaiya o
Ayaiya o
Amanam uwem mmi anyene inem (x2)
Abasi Amanam Ayaiya ooo Hoooo
Abasi Amanam anyaiya oooh Hooo oh
Amanam uwem mmi enyene inem

Verse 2
Any time I call
you answer me
any time I cry you are they for me
you take my pains away
you roll my shame away
you set my feet upon the rock
see as you de cary me go de take me slow
you take me so high
you are the reason for life
you are the reason am singing
you are the reason am shouting out
you are the rweason am singing, shouting
I wrote my song unto you

Abasi Amanam ayaiya o
ayaiya o
ayaiya o
amanam uwem mmi enyene inem (x5)

oh o oh
you make my life so beautiful
ye ye yei
youv make every tthing wonderful
you are the air that I breadth
the song that I sing
I sing my praise to you

Rep Chorus

Call- Abasi Amanam uwem mmi enyene inem o
Resp– Amanam uwem mmi ayaiya x5


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