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Kida – Grace Lyrics

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Kida – Grace Lyrics

Verse 1:
You’re God all by Yourself
No one compares to You
I was lost but now am found
You pulled me close to You
God is my father and my friend
More than I ever knew
Yet He gave us things we don’t deserve
Now our status has changed, we know who we are

Lion of Judah
Alpha and omega
Beginning and the end
I think about all of my ups and downs but then
You’re God you never change

Chorus (x2):
Every day and night am okay am alright
Your Grace has found me here
Grace Oh Grace Oh
Was once down and sober now am taking over
It is all by your Grace
Grace Oh Grace Oh

Verse 2:
Many things I cannot do without you
Now I shine like a star and they are like
Shey I dey use juju
Everything you do they say is magical
Healing every sick and raising the dead my God you’re surgical
No be today have seen your favour everyday
Now I keep thanking and praising Him all the way
The way I talk the things I do and everywhere I go
Nothing is gonna weigh me down and yet you are

Chorus (x2):

Lord I wanna be the best in all I do (x4)
I just wanna be the best in all I do
Lord I wanna be the best in all I do
Lord I wanna be (x3)
The best!

Lord I need your Grace
Lord I call for your Grace
Lift up your hands somebody
And call for the Grace of God
Am tired of the struggles
Am tired of the sweat
It is time for my Glory to be revealed
It is time for me to live a full winning life
I receive the Grace of God today (x3)
Let us therefore come unto the throne of Grace
Let us call for the Grace of God
Lord I cannot do it by myself
I need your Grace
Is somebody calling for the Grace of God
Begin to tap into it
Receive the Grace of God (x3)
Receive it! (x2)
Thank you Lord
In Jesus precious name
And that Grace shall be released upon you today


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