Wednesday , May 29 2024

LordsReborn Praise Crew (Drebirth & Pistis) – No Katakata Lyrics

No katakata for here I get Jesus x3 Iyeh x2
No wuruwuru for here I get Jesus x3 Iyeh x2
I no know if God be white,I no know if God be black,all I know na say He dey Do wonder x2
My God He do wonder…adlibs and calls

Response:He dey do wonder
Iyeh iyeh iyeh iyeh eh eh-R
Omema iyeh ehh-Iyeh iyeh iyeh iyeh eh eh

God no be Igbo He know be hausa eh, He no be Yoruba oh oh eh
He no Dey fail oh, He’s a winner, He no dey fail oh oh Eh
Hold up no dey catch am, He’s never late o, He’s always right on time o Eh /x2

Someone help praise Jesus (God na God o eh, Eno be man O eh)

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Thanks to Lordsreborn Praise Crew(Drebirth&Pistis)