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After While Lyrics – Deitrick Haddon

After While Lyrics

After While
[talk] I dedicate this song to those that have lost loved ones along the way
If we hold on, we’re goona see them again, After While

[verse 1] How could I forget, Uhm, How you held my hand
wiped the tears from my eyes
How could I forget, oh yeah, and when I needed someone
You where right by my side

[bridge ] I know you had to be an angel in disguise
Sent from God to bring joy to my life
And know your gone back home, and I want you to know
I still hear your voice, I still feel your touch
And when I close my eyes, I can see your smile
and though your gone away, to a better place
I can’t wait to be with you, After While, oh After While

[verse 2] Sometimes I’ll brake down, but I accept God’s will
In spite of the way I feel
Sometimes I wish that I, I wish that I
I could take your place, you should not have gone that way

[bridge ] [GET DOWN AND LET IT GO] Cause after while, I will see you once again in glory
After while, we will walk the streets of gold
Just you and me, and I’ll, I’ll be free
I’ll be free Oh, Oh, Oh, Just to see your face again, Oh
Hay, After While, Yeah, After While
Woh, After While, Ho, I, I will be with you
Woh, After While, I believe that, After While
I believe , After While, I will, I will be with you
After While, We’ll be together again, Yeah
Oh, And you may have lost a loved one in your life but
Your gonna see then again, Hay, After While
I believe, I’m gonna hold you one more time
After While, Ouh, AFTER WHILE…………

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